WHAT!!!!!!! When did this happen?

If you know me through my baby-sitting and or rescue work, you know that I’ve said for years now that I could never breed & sell chameleons, as I could never part with the offspring, fearing they would not be properly cared for ( I see so much evidence of this in my rescue work!). So what changed my mind? Quite simply, the thought of putting pet stores, and amateur breeders who are irresponsible and give out erroneous information, out of business!

I do not plan on running a mass commercial operation. My goal is to produce a few clutches a year, and supply quality reptiles to those people who are serious about owning a chameleon, and want to take the time to research, understand and provide their pet with the optimal captive life environment.

Hopefully, this will decrease the number of chameleons who are purchased from pet stores and end up dying due to poor genetics and husbandry, and incorrect information.
Our mission statement has evolved throughout the years.

The Chameleon Enthusiast was founded originally as a rescue operation, taking in ill and unwanted chameleons. Throughout the years, we have helped hundreds of people worldwide, by providing them with council (stressing this NEVER replaces professional vet care), via the phone and Internet, free of charge. This has proven to be both gratifying, and frustrating, as we hear of so many tales of people being ill advised of pet stores and amateur breeders.

Advising people of the RIGHT information is very satisfying, but what if we could go right to the source! And prevent this diffusion of information? What if we could put those pet stores out of business? What if we could stay in touch with the people who purchased our chameleons! Hence, out breeding endeavors began,


  • Sell to pet stores – or to ANY other facility /person that will re-sell the pet
  • I will not breed any pet I rescue or adopt
  • I will not, Ship any reptiles to their new homes. All animals must be picked up.
  • I will not sell at any reptile show (the reason for this is not to support impulse purchases. Nor do I want a person buying a chameleon from myself, and having it live in its carrying case, because the animal was purchased before their environmental needs were set up)

What I WILL Do:

  • Provide genetically sounds, healthy pets at the juvenile age, ensuring their health & development is sound and they are hardier.
  • Provide free advice/info (via phone or e-mail, or in person) 24/7, for the duration of your pet’s life.
  • Ensure you and your family are confident about the needs of your chameleon.
  • Provide you with a check-list of all the elements you require before bringing your pet home.
  • Provide an up-to-date website, containing useful info, tips & resources.
  • Offer reptile-sitting at a discounted price for the duration of your pets life.
  • Take back the pet at any time (no questions asked or judgments made)
  • Provide several references from other customers

Waiting List

As my breeding endeavors reflect community demands, I suggest emailing me to be put on a waiting list. Currently, we are working with veiled and ambanja panthers chameleons. If you're interested in purchasing a chameleon from us, please e-mail us at and include “Waiting List” in your subject line.