Introduction and Acknowledgements

My name is Noelle, A.K.A…The Chameleon Enthusiast!

I created this website, with the help of many people, in memory of my first veiled chameleon, Dietriche, who passed away in March 4th 2000.

In doing so, my initial endeavor was to educate potential chameleon owners. It was not long until we expanded our efforts to encompass a rescue and rehabilitation service, as we were contacted when chameleons were dropped off at pet stores, no longer wanted and in poor health. We then expanded into an international resource, when we started getting emails and calls from people around the world, asking for advice regarding their chameleons

Over the years, the information provided on this site has changed, in response to new literature, new opinions, and experiences. It will no doubt, continue to be a dynamic resource, reflecting these developments and our receptiveness to alternative methods and personal reflection on our successes and failures.

The Chameleon Enthusiast strives to provide support, guidance, and advice, (which should never substitute for professional medical attention when appropriate) to potential chameleon owners, and those who wish to learn more, and in turn, share their knowledge and insight with us.

It is my most sincere wish that all captive bred chameleons be cared for and respected by their owners, and the information required to care for their pet be provided. Owners must be prepared to do their share of research before committing to a chameleon, or any pet. Chameleons are very delicate, sensitive creatures that require very specific requirements in order to survive. Please take the time to understand and provide theses requirements for your pet, and give it the respect it, and every animal deserves.

Thanks Guys!

A special thank you to Rob Tripp who designed the website and Dr. Marc Kramer, who now practices in Miami, yet continues to lend his time and expertise to us, when dealing with difficult cases. All you efforts have been much appreciated.