The Chameleon Owner's Manual

DietricheThis care package has been complied in memory of Dietriche, my first, and dare I admit, favorite veiled chameleon, who passed away on March 4, 2000.

Over the past few years, I have acquired many other endearing reptiles including three more veiled chameleons, an ambanja panther chameleon, a rainbow panther chameleon, a leopard gecko, a royal python, and a green iguana … not to mention a few fur bearing pets. I have also become affiliated with "Reptile Rescue", an organization that rescues unwanted reptiles and places them in foster homes until they can be adopted permanently by a loving and responsible home. We are also committed to educating the public about reptiles and dispelling the many myths and stereotypes that surround them.

It was not until April 2000 that I decided to found my own organization dedicated primarily to chameleons. Hence, the Chameleon Enthusiast was born!

The purpose of this manual is to prepare the potential chameleon owner for the undertaking of such a commitment. I aspire to assist other people by answering their questions, and providing them with the information and resources that I have compiled over the years through research, observation, and talking to veterinarians and breeders.

You will not find information regarding the "natural history" or descriptions of varying species in this package. There are many wonderful books that already provide that. My goal is to provide the chameleon owner with the necessary resources, support and fundamental requirements necessary for your chameleon to flourish.

Chameleons have become very popular as pets. In response to this market, developments to improve their health and care have become available. There are now several veterinarians who specialize in reptiles, supplements that reflect a chameleon's dietary needs, even accessories to make your chameleon feel right at home! But most importantly, there are organizations like Reptile Rescue, and now, The Chameleon Enthusiast, who are dedicated to the ethical treatment of all reptiles and educating the public.

DietricheRemember … chameleons may look "cute" and "cool", but they are not novelties to be taken lightly. It takes a lot of effort on your part to keep a chameleon healthy. These remarkable creatures demand 24 hour care, so if you like going away for the weekend, or plan to go away to University soon … think again, another pet may be a better match for your lifestyle.

Please be responsible when committing to any pet.


Healthy SpecimenChapter 1: Getting Started

EnclosureChapter 2: Environment

DrinkingChapter 3: Hydration

EatingChapter 4: Dietary Guidelines

Medical ProblemChapter 5: General Care

CloseupChapter 6: General Interest




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