Rescue & Adoption Services

The Chameleon Enthusiast accepts chameleons, in any condition…no questions asked. We are here to help the chameleons, not judge the owners. Our goal is to take in any chameleon who needs a permanent home, and will rehabilitate sick, abused, or, “special needs” animals.

We receive chameleon through various avenues; pets stores, the humane society, Reptile Rescue, and from people who find our website, and need to use this service.

There is no fee for this service, however, we would encourage anyone who drops off a chameleon, to donate its enclosure, lighting and accessories.

We also have a policy in place, asking the owner, to transport the animal to us, (we will not pick them up), after contacting us to make an appointment to do so. Should an emergency or “special circumstance” arise, accommodations may be arranged.

  • We do not breed any chameleon we adopt/rescue
  • We do not re-sell any chameleon we adopt/rescue

In memory of Basil. Our very first rescue.

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Would you like to help save a chameleon?

*We may have accommodations for reptiles “other than” chameleons. Please contact us for more information*