In Memory of Basil

Every reptile that comes into my care is special. But there are those cases that are "extra special"

Basil was the very first chameleon to enter into the rescue and rehabilitation program. His previous owners dumped him off at a pet store. When he came into my care, he was mature, but his age was unknown. He was a beautiful lizard, but he had severe MBD. When I brought him home, I did not think he would live more than a few months....and that was five years ago!

Basil defied the odds and did very well over the next few years, but the MBD and age caught up to him eventually, and he spent his last years content, on the bottom of his enclosure perched on a blanket as he was to weak to climb.

Basil passed away on June 22nd 2003 while outside enjoying a gorgeous sunny day. He will always serve as a reminder to me how important my work is and just how spirited and resilient these little creatures can be. He had a wonderful personality and incredible will to live. He will be greatly missed, but always, remembered and will continue to serve as an inspiration to me