General Information and Tips  
Chapter 3:

  • Even if your chameleon learns to drink from a rubber eyedropper (found in the reptile dept.), it will still have the innate desire to lick water droplets from leaves.

  • The water you offer your chameleon should be cool to tepid. We enjoy cold water, but remember, would your chameleon get cold water in it's natural environment? There have also been recent studies indicating that you should only offer your chameleon bottled-water (or boil your own)!

  • Chameleons are able to absorb a small amount of water through their skin. You must however, mist their environments at least twice daily. Use relatively warm water to increase humidity. By the time it is diffused into the air, its quite cool, so don't be afraid to fill your bottle up with "hot" water.

  • Never spray with great force. Hold the bottle directly over the aquarium and spray lightly, concentrating on the walls and leaves.

  • Always ensure your basking lamp is turned off or moved away when spritzing. The mist will rise and can come into contact with the bulb, causing it to explode! Please try to prevent this as loose glass can injure your chameleon.

  • Avoid pools of water in the enclosure (caused by too much misting or spilt water). It will cause feeder bugs to die and will become unhygienic.

  • Chameleons do absorb small amounts of water through their noses and skin!

  • Mist them directly very gently to clean their eyes.


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