Bringing Your Feeder
Insects Home
Chapter 4:
Dietary Guidelines

The store you acquire your bugs from will put them in a clear plastic bag, full of air and applicable substrate. Egg crates for crickets (they must be divided or they will eat each other), woodchips for waxworms, or oatmeal/wood based bedding (anything they can burrow under) for superworms/mealworms. Ensure you keep them at room temperature! Do not place them in the trunk or leave them in your car on a hot or cold day. They can die in a matter of minutes! You can bring your own container and ask the salesperson to place them directly in there. That way, you can be prepared and have food and water for them, especially if you anticipate a lengthy drive.

Once home, transfer your crickets into a "critter container" you can find at any pet store in the small animal reptile department. This is a clear container with porous removable lid. I would not recommend making your own container out of a large ice cream or Tupperware container, as they are not the correct dimensions. Your crickets need SPACE or they will die from one of the following; being smothered, not being able to find water or food, being eaten. Other options to accommodate your feeder insects are; large Tupperware containers which you can drill holes in for ventilation.

Pour your bag of bugs directly into the container. Then, place some clean egg cartons in with them (make sure you ask all your friends to save their empty egg crates). Then flush out their systems and "gut-load" them for at least 24 hours prior to feeding them to your chameleon.


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