Would you like to help save a chameleon?

We frequently get requests for rescue services in locations that we do no occupy. We are always looking for contacts in all states/provinces (In Canada and the USA) who are not only experienced chameleon owners, but who have a desire to participate hands on, in our rescue endeavors.

If you would like to be put on my contact list for your region, please email me at: chameleon@look.ca and put VOLUNTEER in the subject line. The extent of your participation is up to you but our expectation is that you would be willing and able to provide a temporary or permanent home for a chameleon who requires immediate assistance and may have special or medial needs. Although The Chameleon Enthusiast as a foundation, is unable to monitor any of our “out of district” volunteers, we strictly prohibit any chameleon who is adopted/rescued by a volunteer to be bred or re-sold, or given to someone without first ensuring the potential owner is educated and able to provide a loving home.

We also expect that if you are on our list, that you will have the appropriate equipment readily available, as you may be relied upon for immediate assistance. These variable would include:

  • An sterilized enclosure of appropriate size
  • A basking lamp
  • A UVA/UVA light
  • Appropriate substrate, foliage, branches and accessories
  • Food and drip system
  • List of qualified herp vets in your area
  • Basic first aid kit (baby food, syringes, gauze, betidine, polysporine, pedialytye/gatoraide)
  • Sand box for females
  • A Misting bottle
  • Calcium and multivitamin supplements
  • A safe environment free from stress, other pets ect..

Once you have expressed interest in becoming a volunteer, your contact information will be kept (unpublished) in confidence by yours truly, Noelle Senchyna. I will always email the volunteer to give them a heads up that I have someone I would like to put in contact with them in their area. Any other special request or arrangements can be discussed during the screening process of becoming a volunteer.

Remember, once you are a volunteer we will be counting on you, and
any arrangements will be made and enforced by yourself and the person dropping off the chameleon. We also ask that you do not judge or lecture these people and that no money is exchanged for these services. You will be responsible for your actions and the Chameleon Enthusiast will not be liable for anything that occurs between the parties involved.