Ponds: The Pros and Cons  
Chapter 3:


  • Some chameleons love to drink out of ponds if there are air bubbles (created by an air pump, costing under $10!). Without air bubbles chances are a chameleon will not respond to still water.

  • They are esthetically pleasing.

  • If you do have a pond, make sure it is swallow to prevent your chameleon from drowning. I suggest gluing a couple of thin sticks across the pond to give your chameleon something to grab onto, making it easier to get out of AND placing a large rock in the pond.


  • A pond develops a slimy ring very quickly and if it is not cleaned regularly it can become unhealthy.

  • Difficult to change water if it's connected to a "reptile hammock" (popular type of pond).

  • Bugs drowned daily.

  • Chameleons tend to go to the bathroom in water.

  • The air pump can be quite loud, air stones must be changes monthly (they dissolve and get clogged with sediments).

  • There is a risk of your chameleon drowning. Do not use a pond if you have a weak chameleon, as it may not be able to pull itself out of the water if it accidentally falls in.

  • For some reason my chameleons always got very relaxed in the ponds, and I caught one of mine so relaxed, that his head was submerged, and eyes closed! Luckily I was there to pull them to safety.


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