Chapter 3:

If your chameleon's diet and environment are correct, your pet should not ever become dehydrated. Some people enjoy "steaming" their chameleons on a weekly basis. If you decide to, use one of the methods described below. Be careful that the water/steam is not too hot. Excess heat causes dehydration. Try to think of how thirsty you would be if you spent some time in a Jacuzzi or sauna!

A chameleon is very delicate and half an hour in a hot bathroom can be very damaging. These are useful methods if you notice your chameleon has not desiccated for a while. Chameleons realistically do not become "constipated", this would be an example of a symptom of an underlying problem; impaction, incorrect humidity, temperature, insects etc.

What not to do:

  • Never put your chameleon into the shower directly. There is no traction and the water pressure is to high.

  • Never put your chameleon into a bathtub filled with even a few inches of water. They drowned very easily, not to mention get extremely stressed, as this is NOT a natural environment they would encounter and hate flat, smooth, open surfaces.

  • Be careful of residues from; bath oil, soap, shampoo, bottles or bars of soap falling, etc., as these can all harm your chameleon.

What you can do:

  • Tie a cotton rope (can braid old clean rags together) from your showerhead and let your chameleon "hang out" while you shower or bathe. Make sure no shampoo gets on them, and NEVER leave them! They can fall into the bathtub while trying to reach another part of the bathroom!

  • Place your chameleon in a shallow sink with about 2 inches of warm water in it. Use a turkey baster or clean sponge to gently pour water over him. Make sure the water is replaced frequently as it will cool off quickly. If your chameleon is dehydrated or sick, soak him twice a day in Pedia-Lite fluid (clear, unflavored) found in the baby section of any drug store (once opened must be used within 24 hours).

  • Place a large plant on the floor of your bathroom. Place your chameleon on the plant. Run a hot shower so the room fills up with steam.


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